The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Urbana sacs Review!
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Urbana sacs Review!

I love tote bags and bags and have way too many. But I also use them a lot.  I use them them for work. I use them to shop. I use them to travel. I use them to go to the beach. I figure you can never have enough.

I received the The X-Large Carry Sac from urbana sacs. It is a beautiful bag that is huge with two Hemp Straps. These bags are individually designed and handmade in Los Angeles. They are also made from virgin pulp fiber and recycled polyester felts. So they are really cool.

The urbana sacs are also washable and you can dip them in water and shape them like clay! They can also be made smaller or larger by folding them. Urbana sacs are available in six shades (white, stone, chocolate, black, shine and sand} with two strap colors to complete the look.

I love my bag. Not only is it light and durable but it looks good. They are not kidding when they say it is XL. I can fit a lot of things in my bag. I took mine to the Riverfront Farmers Market on the weekend and it was perfect. I was able to fit in my baguette, fruit, pastries and vegetables with room to spare. I got several compliments on my bag as well.

I cannot wait to take it to the beach. I already know it will fit my towels, cover-up, hats and books. This bag is perfect for the beach because it is washable. I can also see myself using this bag for travel. It would be perfect for a weekend trip!

Urbana sacs are the perfect bag for those who want a unique bag that is also super practical. You can buy urbana sacs online. The bags cost $85+ and are so worth it. These are so perfect for the upcoming summer!

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  1. I like the way it looks and it carries a lot, great review!

  2. These are nice and have so many good qualities. I don't have a good bag like this, I want to check this out!

  3. What a great big bag. This would come in so handy at my house with our farmer's market coming up.

  4. These look great and I would love to have some for grocery shopping.