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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Terra's Kitchen Review!

My job, life and blogging keep me really busy. So busy, in fact, that sometimes I don't have time for anything let alone coming home after an 8 hour day to make dinner. I do it though but it is hard. Sometimes I just need a little break. We go out to eat but that gets expensive and when eating out you never know what is in the food you eat. With hubby having to eat low fat, low salt food it makes it doubly harder.

This is why I love meal delivery services. They make my life easier and since I am doing the cooking, I know exactly what goes in my food. I also get to try different types of food that I am not used to cooking.

I was asked to review Terra's Kitchen food. I have reviewed other meal services so I wanted to see how this one fared with the others. I liked the veriety of food available. I also liked that you can choose your meals plans and there is no long term commitment. This is great because sometimes I don't need the meal service.

Meal delivery services make sense for me and hubby because it is just the two of us. You can order 3 meals for 2 or 4 meals for 2. You can also order 2 meals for 4 people. You can also customize your menu as you go. You can choose gluten free, low calories, vegan or paleo meals. There are fresh salads as sides and you can supplement with proteins. The flexibility is amazing.

The food comes in a wonderful eco-friendly delivery Vessel that is reusable. The food is delivered and the box is picked up the next day. I loved this delivery system because the food stays cold and it is packed so well, there is no spillage or mess. Everything came in it's little packages. Plus the fact that I don't have to deal with boxes, dry ice or packig is a HUGE plus. Plus the fact that is is reusable scores points with me.

The recipe cards were easy to follow. I have had issues with other meal delivery services that the recipes were incomplete or hard to follow. Terra's Kitchen recipes were exactly as written. And the recipes were fast and easy. Best of all, the recipes were delicious!

I tried a few meals. I tried Creamy Black Bean Sliders, Happy Chicken Bowl and the Terrachiladas. All were delicious and easy to make. I did have to add a side dish to the meals except the bowl but an added salad or rice didn't take that much time and it made for a well balanced meal.

The food was really good. This is one of the best meal delivery plans I have tried. It is actually my favorite. The food stayed fresh for a long time. I didn't try the black bean sliders until a week after the meals came and all the ingredients stayed super fresh. That surprised me because I have had other meals plans and some of the ingredients are no good after 2 or 3 days. Not Terra's Kitchen food though. I really liked that.

If you like meal delivery plans, I highly recommend Terra's Kitchen. The variety of food to choose from is amazing. I loved the vegetarian options because although we are not vegetarians, we have been trying to go more vegetarian and it is hard. But Terra's Kitchen makes it so much easier. I will defintiely be ordering from Terra's Kitchen again.

If you want to try Terra's Kitchen, use this code for $30 off your first order: WILLYNILLY30.

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  1. oh wow,,that looks so easy and comes right to your door,,that is awesome

  2. That looks so good and I love the recipe cards too. I know I don't feel like cooking and this would make it so much easier!

  3. I've never considered a meal delivery plan, but this one has benefits that I like.

    slehan at juno dot com

  4. What a great bunch of food to make with the recipe cards. I can see how it would help a busy person.

    slehan at juno dot com

  5. we wren't a fan of the one delivery service we tried, but these meals look so good. we may have to give this a shot

  6. I have never used any meal delivery services, but would love to try one

  7. Looks like a great service. I like how it's shipped to it stays fresh and cold!