The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: T-fal Airbake Pizza Pan and Ingenio Pizza Cutter Review!
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

T-fal Airbake Pizza Pan and Ingenio Pizza Cutter Review!

We love pizza. But when hubby had his bypass last year, we thought that pizza was something we could not eat. But I learned how to make pizza dough with little or no salt. I also realized that I could make my own pizza sauce with no fat and salt. We also learned that if we skipped the meat and used lower fat cheese with tons of veggies, pizza was something that we could still have on occasion. That makes a huge difference when you are eating healthy.

The problem though is that I had a pizza stone but it is such a pain. It's heavy and once it's hot, it takes forever to cool and it's tough to clean. I tried just using a sheet tray but found that the dough doesn't cook through or gets mushy because of the toppings.

Luckily, I was asked to review the T-fal AirBake Pizza Pan. The AirBake Pizza Pan was great. It uses a double-layer  allows users to create perfectly baked pizza 15% faster. AirBake uses a clever double-layer technology to provide an overall enhanced baking performance. It has two heavyweight aluminum steel sheets with a nonstick surface surround a layer of air. The air reduces the temperature of the metal that comes in contact with the food. The bottom sheet blocks the direct oven heat while the layer of air acts as an insulator preventing the top sheet from overheating. This means better browning, no burning, and moister baked goods. Insulated bake ware means pizza won't burn.

I loved it. It solved my problem of a heavy stone that really didn't make my crust crispy. It also solved my problem of using a sheet pan and then getting a soggy crust. The AirBake is light.and because it's nonstick, the pizza came off easily. The crust was as crispy as I have ever made. It was great.

Clean up was easy. I used some soap and water then wiped it clean. You can put the AirBake into the the dishwasher but I prefer hand washing it. This is a great pan if you make your own pizza or if you just want to heat up a frozen pizza.

And check out the T-fal Ingenio Pizza Cutter. I usually used a knife which is not that great but this pizza cutter is so much better. It is durable and is made of heat-resistant Tritan that seamlessly slices through pizza without damaging the pan. The Tritan also prevents the cheese from sticking to the cutter and the detachable wheel makes for a worry-free clean-up.

The T-fal Ingenio Pizza Cutter costs $8.99, The T-fal Airbake Pizza Pan costs $19.99 and both are aviaable at Amazon or


  1. First of all, your pizza is gorgeous. Thanks for your review of the T-Fal pan. I use a a stoneware pan for my pizzas, and lately I'm less than satisfied with it; the crusts just don't brown. I might just keep my eye out for a sale on the T-Fal as a replacement.

  2. Pizza turned out well. I like TFal and want to try this pan

  3. This looks so good! I love T-Fal products. I have for a long, long time. This pizza cutter sounds awesome!

  4. I love making my own pizza, this is a nice pan and I'd love to try it!