The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: The Journey to Rogue One! #rogueoneevent #starwarsrebels
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Journey to Rogue One! #rogueoneevent #starwarsrebels

Disclosure: I attended the #Rogueoneevent and my expenses: flight, accommodations, transportation and some meals were be covered by Disney. All opinions, however, are always 100% mine.

I had no idea that something I wanted to do as part of my bucket list was visit Skywalker Ranch until I got invited to Skywalker Ranch on the Rogue One press event. It’s one of those things that comes up and until you actually get to do it that you realize what a wonderful opportunity you have just received.

And visiting Skywalker Ranch and then Lucasfilm HQ was really an honor. You all know I am a Star Wars fanatic. So, the fact that I could be in places where movie magic happens was amazing. Skywalker Ranch is wonderful and I had a great time.

We were invited to screen a 28 minute “trailer” of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at the Stag Theater in the Technical Building at Skywalker Ranch. Because the filmmakers don’t want any of the movie to be leaked, we only got that small taste but what a taste it was.

The footage was filled with action and new characters that are certain to become huge heroes or huge villains in the Star Wars world. Every scene was epic. The fight scenes amazing and we got a tiny little bit of the story but we were still left wanting more. I CANNOT wait for this movie to come out. From what I saw, it will be worth the wait!

After the screening, there was a little reception with food and drinks. On display were some of the costumes and we even had a visit by StormTroopers! Skywalker Ranch has a small gift shop and we were all invited to go shop. It is so small though that they shuttled us there in small groups so everyone got a chance to shop.

The shuttle took us past the main house and it was lit up and festive. We did not get to go in but it was wonderful nonetheless. I have to say that it was thrilling to be there that evening. And being able to be one of the first people to see the preview footage was great.

The next day, we headed over to the Presidio in San Francisco. That is where the Lucasfilm HQ is located. This is another one of those magical places filled with movie magic.

Our day began at HQ. We were able to look around the lobby and also preview some of the cool merchandise that will be available with the opening of Rogue One. Not only are there collectibles, toys but some really cool clothing. The HQ is filled with movie memorabilia and posters.

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We were taken to a screening room that was also our interview room. There we saw a few episodes of Star Wars Rebels. I am not sure if you all remember that a couple of years ago, I went on another press trip and we covered Star Wars Rebels. It is a fantastic show for kids and big kids like me. I often watch it when hubby is not around. So it was nice to see that the show is still going strong.
Then we began our interviews with the cast and director of Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels Executive Director Dave Filoni. Stay tuned because I will have the interviews and more great photos in the coming days!

After the interviews and lunch, we were given a tour around the facility. It was pretty amazing to see the amount of work created there. All over the facility are props from movies like Ghostbusters, Star Wars and more. There are movie posters galore. And photos. Wonderful photos that archive the history of this place and the work created here. It was overall such a thrill to be there and see all of it.

My master, I mean, Darth Vader!

We even were able to see a demo of how Motion Capture works. Alan Tudyk’s character, K-2SO is animated, so it was cool to see how he had to wear a motion capture suit when acting so the character becomes more realistic. There is some amazing stuff going on at Lucasfilm and ILM. And the fact that we were able to get a private tour was unbelievable because they do not offer public tours.  It was pretty special.

I had the best time ever and now I can take off two items from bucket list! Keep an eye on the blog because we also visited The Walt Disney Family Museum on this trip. It is such a special museum. I will have more information soon! And make sure to go watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!!!

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  1. That's so neat you got to go to this event, I mean its going to be the biggest movie of the year! We are so excited for Star Wars!

  2. As a Star Wars fan, it must have been really cool to take a photo with Stormtroopers.I love that Yoda statue.

  3. My brother would have loved going to this. He is a huge Star Wars fan!