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Monday, January 30, 2017

Disney's Queen of Katwe available on Digitial HD & Blu-ray January 31!

Home audiences will cheer for Disney’s Queen of Katwe, which has earned widespread critical acclaim. Based on the vibrant true story of a young girl (Madina Nalwanga) from the streets of Uganda whose world changes when she is introduced to the game of chess, and, as a result of the support she receives from her family and community, is instilled with the confidence and determination she needs to pursue her dream of becoming an international chess champion. It is a remarkable story of perseverance against all odds that will leave viewers feeling humbled and inspired. According to director Mira Nair, “The triumph of the human spirit is not to weep for what we don’t have but to focus on what we do have and allow that to take us to a place we never imagined possible.” Disney’s heartwarming and triumphant tale arrives home on Digital HD on Jan. 10 and Blu-ray™ on Jan. 31.

I wish that I had learned to play Chess. When I was younger, I never understood this stuffy game. As I got older, I realized I should have tried to learn.

Queen of Katwe is based on a true story and it is a beautifully inspiring movie. The story revolves around Phiona who lives in Uganda and lives in poverty. Her life seems to be determined from the start. Her father has left. Her mother, played by the incredible Lupita Nyong’o, works to keep a humble roof over their heads. Phiona and her siblings have to work to bring in money.

When her brother, played by Martin Kabanza, ends up in a makeshift kids program run by Robert Katende, played by the ever amazing David Oyelowo, where he teaches the kids chess to improve their minds and also help them get off the street, Phiona is also compelled to join.

When the coach realizes her ability, he urges Phiona to get better. Unfortunately, her family ends up homeless and he mother is not interested in letting Phiona continue playing. The story goes along with some ups and downs. I won't tell you what happens but I will say In the end, she finds that chess is her way out of her current life.

This is a beautifully told story. The acting is first rate. Madina Nalwanga, who plays Phiona, holds her own against the acting powerhouses. She is wonderful. In fact, all the acting is first rate. The movie is a little predictable but in the end, it satisfies. Have your tissues handy though.

Queen of Katwe is available on Digital HD and available on Blu-ray January 31. Check out the extra features you get:

Bonus features include*:
Queen Of Katwe: Their Story – Discover the stories behind the people who came together to bring the film to life, and how they reflect the vibrant community, culture and spirit it celebrates.
A Fork, A Spoon & A Knight – Director Mira Nair’s short film about Robert Katende, a boy who grows up to transform a Ugandan city into a globally renowned chess sanctuary.
In The Studio With Alicia Keys – Go behind-the-scenes with Alicia Keys for an inspiring look at the song’s recording.
Alicia Keys “Back To Life” Lyric Video – Sing along with on-screen lyrics.
Young Cardamom & HAB “#1 Spice” Music Video – The Ugandan hip-hop duo bring the flavor in a music video directed by Mira Nair.
Audio Commentary – With Director Mira Nair.
Deleted Scenes (8) – With Introductions by Director Mira Nair.
Graduation – Robert is alone at his graduation.
Job Application - Robert checks in on the status of his job application.
Dancing and Rent - Phiona joins in dancing with local girls before the landlady pulls her away.
Entering the Hospital - Harriet tries to look presentable as they rush Brian to the hospital.
Escape from the Hospital – The family sneaks out of the hospital.
They Can’t Go to Budo – Robert second-guesses taking the kids to the competition at King’s College Budo.
Flood (Extended Scene) – A nearly 7-minute scene before, during and after the house is flooded.
Phiona’s Chess Club - Phiona comes full circle as she teaches a little boy the same lessons Robert taught her in chess club.
Audio Commentary
Alicia Keys “Back to Life” Lyric Video
Young Cardamom & HAB “#1 Spice” Music Video

*Bonus features may vary by retailer

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