The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: Creamed Spinach Spaghetti Squash Recipe!
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Monday, September 18, 2017

Creamed Spinach Spaghetti Squash Recipe!

Here is a recipe that I found one day. I made changes to it because it required butter and cream and those are a no no for hubby. So, I decided to use fresh ingredients and also cut back on the fatty ingredients. 

Spaghetti squash is a great way to get the feel of pasta without the carbs. I still eat pasta but sometimes it's good to take a break and actually eat more veggies. It is pretty easy as well. This recipe feeds 2 people. All you need is a spaghetti squash, garlic, fresh spinach (one large package), olive oil, flour and nutmeg. 

First you cut the squash in half. 

Oil the squash inside and out and place face down on a cookie sheet. 
Roast for 1 hour and 15 minutes at 400 degrees. 

Here is the low fat part. If you want a cream sauce without the cream this is how I now do it. It actually tastes pretty good and it works just as well as a sauce with butter and cream. You will need 
1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of flour. Place in a pan and turn the heat to medium and begin incorporating the flour and oil. Then slowly add about 1 1/ cups fat free milk. Of course, you can use 2% or whole milk but we no longer use that. As you add the milk, whisk the flour mixture until it creams. If you want it loose, then add more milk. 
Add salt and pepper to taste. I also love grating in a little fresh nutmeg for taste.  

In the meantime, add a little oil to another pan and saute garlic. 
Then add the fresh spinach until it wilts. Add salt and pepper to taste. 

Add the spinach to the cream mixture and blend. 

Take the spaghetti squash out of the oven and let sit for 5 minutes.

Then take a fork and start scraping the squash so it becomes like spaghetti! 

Add the cream mixture and some parmesan cheese, if needed. 

That's it. The dish was tasty and filling. It is the perfect dish for fall especially since there is so much squash around. And if you want to cut back on the fat and still have a cream sauce, this is the way to go. I use the cream sauce to make alfredo pasta. I use it to just make a creamed spinach when I make steak. It really cuts back on the fat and it is still delicious!

Buen Provecho! 


  1. Sounds and looks so good! And so few ingredients! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Looks like a delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This looks amazing! Thank you so much for the delicious recipe!

  4. Looks like a great recipe for the fall. Time for squash...
    slehan at juno dot com

  5. I would like to try this...looks tasty

  6. I've never tried the flour/olive oil blend, that's a great tip!

  7. I would love this. I LOVE spaghetti squash and always buy a bunch when it comes into season. They store very well too.
    ellen beck

  8. You made this into a super-healthy recipe and it looks delish. I'd love to try this.

  9. I like how really simple and easy to make this is. It looks yummy!

  10. I wanted to add that I would have to substitute the flour with something gluten-free, but I bet I could find something that would work.