The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness: The State Of Wedding Registries In 2018 Deserves A Look
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Thursday, February 8, 2018

The State Of Wedding Registries In 2018 Deserves A Look

You’ve chosen that perfect, mermaid wedding dress by visiting The next pre-wedding checklist item to focus on is choosing a wedding registry.

Wondering why there are so many wedding registry options to choose from?

Well, every bride-to-be has a different list of preferences. Instead of receiving wedding gifts that aren’t your choice, you can use your favorite wedding registry to let your friends and family know about the gifts you’ll really love! And guess what? They’ll present you exactly that.

But before you choose the gifts you want, it’s wise to have a look at several options and choose the wedding registry that best suits your taste.

To make the process easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular wedding registries.

Let’s explore.

Best Honeymoon/Experience Registry: Honeyfund

Who else could think of starting this registry except for people who dreamt of a fairy-tale honeymoon?

That’s right, though.

In 2005, Honeyfund was founded by a passionate couple who wanted some help to plan their honeymoon without worrying about funds. And now, their efforts paid off well: Honeyfund is a well-known honeymoon registry through which your wedding guests can donate funds for your honeymoon trip.

You can use these funds in the following areas:

•Air fare
•Cruise trips

What makes Honeyfund worthwhile is the fact that it offers a variety of added features such as universal registry, store registry linking, and gift card at low fees. So, if you have already got household items and don’t want any more, then it’s time to grab those honeymoon funds as your wedding gift!

Best Store Registry: Bed, Bath And Beyond

Are you fond of traditional silver, china, and homewares to such an extent that you can’t wait to get another beautiful, antique-style tea set?

If yes, Bed, Bath, and Beyond awaits your clicks.

This wedding registry is the true reflection of one-stop retail convenience. If you want to receive your wedding gifts in the form of linens, housewares, and appliances, you can choose the ones with different brands. Since each brand offers a different price range, you have the flexibility to select the items accordingly.

This wedding registry helps you select gifts in the following categories:

•Home décor
•Personalized gifts

The best thing about this registry?

Even after the wedding day, you can avail their completion program. This program enables you to shop for the remaining, selected gifts at discounted prices.

Best Everything Registry: Amazon

Product promotions, completion discounts, and lots of discounts – what else do couples want as a fabulous wedding gift?!

Since this registry enables you to choose any item that fits the Amazon box, there’s a reason why it’s called the Best Everything Registry. Even if you don’t find your preferred item on your favorite brand’s website, you can find it at Amazon’s universal registry. This doesn’t only provide convenience, it helps you select items in a timely way.

Not sure which items to register? Amazon provides you an entire list:

•Gift cards
•Last-minute deals
•Bonus gifts
•Free shipping on gifts sold by Amazon
•Option to return gifts

NEW: Gift Card Registry At Honeyfund

Want to keep it a surprise about what you’ll do with the gift card your friends just bought for you? That’s when you should look for the Gift Card Registry option provided by Honeyfund.

Perhaps, your friends have asked your opinion about the wedding gift you’ll love the most. But you haven’t made your mind yet. Why not ask them for a gift card so you can avail an experience of your choice?

With its universal gift card, Honeyfund provides you the following options without charging fees:



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