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Thursday, August 1, 2019

What we are watching!

We are having a hard time trying to find TV shows to stream. Once we start one, we binge and then have to start all over again. It takes a while for us to decide on shows we both want to watch. If it were up to me, I would watch all 14 seasons of Supernatural over and over again!

But hubby says no. So we have to keep trying to find some good shows.

Last week though, we found NOS4A2 on AMC. This show is pretty amazing. It is from a book written by Joe Hill (Stephen King's son) and it is pretty creepy and entertaining. It stars Zachary Quinto who is great. If you have ever watched any Stephen King movie or TV show, you will like this. It has that same feel. It is also a pretty original story that is unique.

The other little gem we found was The Terror. While watching NOS4A2 we kept seeing commercials for The Terror 2 and decided to DVR that show but we said hey let's watch The Terror 1. It's a great show if you like suspense and weirdness. You never know what is going on until the very end so it will keep you on edge.

We also watched The Boys. Streaming on Amazon, this show is based on a comic book. It is about superheroes but these are no superheroes are no Captain America. This is a dark show. From the first episode, you are like OMG what is going on but it's worth a watch.

We are also watching some old favorites. Orange is the New Black on Netflix, Handmaid's Tale on Hulu. And Animal Kingdom on TNT.

These are some great shows that are worth a watch. Do you have any favorite shows that you want to recommend? Please do because we are always looking for new stuff to watch!!

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